Judging people

How would your life be different if…You stopped making negative judgmental assumptions about people you encounter? Let today be the day…You look for the good in everyone you meet and respect their journey because judging a person doesn’t define who they are as a person, it defines you instead.

It’s far to easy to pass comments on people than to actually go and talk to them. People may judge each other as someones success might remind then of your own lack of success in that particular area. You may resent their higher degree of accomplishment and then find something wrong with them in order to avoid your own feelings of inadequacy. But i believe that inspiration is a better motivator than competition, thus one might benefit more from being inspired by other people’s victories instead of wasting time finding fault in them.

“Don’t judge too harshly, for if your weaknesses were to be placed under your footsteps, most likely you would stumble and fall as well.” – Richelle E. Goodrich

Making general judgments about a person or people without evidence or much knowledge at all, which normally leads to you treating people unjustly or deframing them which is not justified in any way or form. Those who judge people don’t really consider the fact that they can gain way too much benefit if they utilize there time doing something more productive instead.

“Believe me, I know what it’s like to feel all alone…the worst kind of loneliness in the world is isolation that comes from being judged; it can make people lose their grasp on reality.” – Sienna Brook

If we stopped judging someone before we actually give them a chance to get to know them, might make this world a better place. Casting your opinion of someone on the basis of what others think is wrong. Atleast give them a chance before you actually form an opinion of their personality.

I hate to say this but no matter how loving and kind hearted a person is people will never stop speaking bitter about them. So you should simply not let this criticism and judgements bother you.

Question of the day;

How do you deal with judgment and criticism? You can share your insights by joining the conversation in the comment section below 👇👇


38 thoughts on “Judging people

  1. hanaya602 says:

    I love it when people are judgemental. Here I get to prove them wrong. When I first started blogging a few months ago I already people saying I couldn’t make it. I work my tail off and soon as my numbers grew from my site, believe me when I say they were real quick to shut up. We all deal with it in different ways, just don’t let it get to you. Good article.

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  2. Lucy | Succeed Now says:

    It’s so important not to worry about other people’s judgements. I also make a conscious effort not to judge others!


  3. theclutterboxblog says:

    I went from a corporate job to self employed. Normal brown hair to purple. The way people treated me completely changed even though I was the same person. It really opened my eyes to how I treated people based on their appearance. I try really hard to let actions affect my judgement now vs what they look like.

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  4. tachiwi says:

    Here in Barbados, we live in a small society. Judgement seems to be in our blood around here. It is really sickening tbh. It achieves nothing really.
    I have learned not to attach any importance to people’s opinions.

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  5. Janine Huldie says:

    As I have gotten older the less I have cared what others do think of me. Not to say I am not aware, but still I find I don’t have time to play into stuff like this. I am just happy knowing that those close to me (my family, husband and kids) are there no matter what. Thanks for the interesting read and thought on this.

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  6. J. Ivy Boyter says:

    Being judged doesn’t affect me much … I’m usually confident enough in what I’m doing. I may find myself judging… I think it’s natural. But, I’m learning to tell myself that I’m not perfect and I have no idea what that person’s circumstances are. Great reminder, thanks.


  7. an.item.abroad says:

    It’s so true! We should all judge less and live a more productive life that is empowering of others and their differences!


  8. pocketsfullofdaisies says:

    Great post! I am trying to teach my daughter to look for the good in all things although I think she has that positive influence on me with her innocence. It’s as people get older they can get bitter if things aren’t going how they want. During the past few years I have made an effort not to judge or say unkind comments about someone – and I feel so much better for it! If I was on the receiving end I would just avoid giving that person my attention. Life is too short – surround yourself with positive people xx

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  9. Nicole V says:

    I don’t do judgement. If the criticism is constructive and I care about the person offering it, I will listen, but I don’t judge others so I will not accept any judgement directed towards me.


  10. Jaime Oliver says:

    as much as i would love to say I’m not a judgey person but internally i think i am. I would never be judgey verbally but It has made me think about how subconsiouly this might show on the outside. I am going to try harder to be a little less judgey about others and myself also


  11. The Search for Imperfection says:

    I would say judging is one of my least favorite things out there. That is one of the greatest values I want to teach my kids, is openness. Great post!


  12. cynthia says:

    I try not let what people think of me bother me, but it is still a work in progress. I work on a creative field and sometimes is difficult not to take their judgement on your work “personal”. Most of the times isn’t, but it’s rough!


  13. adventures says:

    I completely agree with you. We should never judge a book by it’s cover, or any other nature. It’s part of our human makeup though and it takes a bit of self care and education to get over that. I’m following you now in my reader.

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  14. Dieter says:

    Judging on the first look or first experience when you meet is horrible, I never do this and encourage people to stop this if I experience it with people around me


  15. NikG says:

    Great post. I talk about this a lot with ppl I know. I hate that so many ppl’s instant reaction to someone else’s accomplishments is to feel competitive. It’s much more positive to use that as inspo and keep the energy good.


  16. keisha1989 says:

    Back then i used to care so much about what people thought about me. I used to beat myself up so much. NOW. I could care less what anybody wants to think about me. I dont judge people either.


  17. Debby says:

    This should be required reading every year for kids starting in middle school. I love the banana quote. I have mostly heard the “if life gives you lemons…” quote, but I will be using this banana reference soon. Thanks

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  18. helenevlacho says:

    I don’t like being judging so i am trying not to judge other people as well. We should care about our own lives and don’t pay attention to what other people think for us.


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