Who runs the world; Girls Dah!!


In countries like Pakistan and India female rights have always been an understatement for everyone. A child have always been taught about Equality, Respect, Being Kind and Being Open about things, but as one grows up these lessons began to become blurry in the eyes of society for men. As in life only females are expected to abide these lessons. I ask you why? Why always we girls are expected to live our life’s under the boundaries of the society. Why are we forced to sacrifice in life. Why we females become victims of society’s pressure.

The Answer should be to blame the society completely but an honest answer will be its not completely society’s fault,it’s us that make the society as a whole. So honestly, blaming only the society is not appropriate, that’s because it’s us that actually makeup societies like these. So until we change our thinking we will never be able to make a difference.

So guys! Let’s make a change in the lives of many girls who are currently suffering from such a pressure and also change the lives for those to come. Lets show the world that we are educated by our change in thinking for others. And we are to show everyone that it’s not the words of qualification on a piece of paper that makes you qualified but its your actions and your mature thinking.


Well, treat everyone equally like Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah said that for every countries success three things our important; Equality, Unity and Discipline. Now we pakistanis do please on this saying but do not implement in our lives. We just take this as an understatement truly, yet thats why the corrupt societies like these sprung up. Right now my true emphasis is on the word “equality” that means treating everyone equally no matter whatsoever the gender, race or religion. So please treat everyone with aytmost respect and kindness as possible.

Wow! I didn’t realize that the text got so long. Anyhow it sure is an important issue that needs to be discussed more.

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12 thoughts on “Who runs the world; Girls Dah!!

  1. Aditi says:

    This is all so true. We preach equality in our education system, to some extent achieve it as well (mainly in metro cities) but the majority of women in the country have to face inequality in real life; especially the ones in rural areas and small towns.

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  2. halfpintpartydesign says:

    So many people like to blame others for the things that are wrong. I think you are 100% right on that we need to start changing OUR attitudes, behaviors, and STOP participating in anything that takes away from equality, peace, and love.

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  3. Familyearthtrek says:

    This subject makes me sign. Everybody know by heart that they should respect other no matter the race, gender ans religion ect but not everybody does it. Why not? Because one have to look first of how they grew up in a family. Ever since I got my daughter two years go I have noticed how easily she copy our behavior. Once I was arguing badly with my husband I was yelling loudly, the next day she was yelling to. I think the strong base of who you will become is coming first of all from your family. So the first step is when you get a boy, teach him, everyday, repeat!❤️


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  4. Logan @ Money Done Right says:

    Men are bound and pressured by society and forced in sacrifice in life just as much as women are! It’s just that the boundaries, pressures, and sacrifices expected of males is different than those expected of females.

    For example, men are expected to provide for their families; if a family is starving and does not have the economic resources it needs to survive, the man of the house is typically blamed.

    Men are expected to protect their families in ways that women are not. If someone is breaking into a house, for instance, it is the man who is expected to risk his life to investigate.

    And of course men are expected to literally sacrifice their lives in times of war, and women are typically not expected to make this kind of sacrifice.

    For better or for worse, society has placed expectations on both men and women.

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  5. Style&LifebySusana (@stylelifesusana) says:

    I was raised by my father to fight for my rights because some people might treat me differently because I’m woman. I think it will forever be a long term battle of fighting for equality because there will always be someone out there who believes a womans mouth should be shut and her place in the kitchen. We are getting closer to more respect for each other, we just need to moving forward.

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