The Deadly Truth About Summer Vacations


Summer vacations.. are not just holidays, for some it consists of a series of emotional roller-coaster. Yeah sure summer vacations mean that there will be no school, meaning no more going to bed earlier, watching a movie marathon, going to parties, summer camps and doing all the fun activates that the world has to offer. But no one really tells us the harsh reality about summer vacations. This cruelty of life can be divided among 3 stages of life:


Well the first stage consists of you being all joyful and excited about summer vacations and then u start following your master plan.But soon you realize that all the activates in your bucket list will either require too much effort, or time to do and you being your lazy self will try to avoid all such tasks at any cost. After which you end up watching shows on the geographic channel (here is the thing I don’t want to learn, how a lion reacts when he gets jealous from some other lion coming into his territory.. I mean I have my own problems to moan about so please)

Okay so the second stage is when you realize that the holidays that were supposed to be a break free from studies and tests are now turning into an awful nightmare for you. Because apparently you are the only one not going to family summer holidays and staying at those fancy hotels and snapchatting there entire  life. And trust me their Instagram posts don’t really make you feel any better about yourself.. like how come they have their DSLR ‘s just when they need it the most, I don’t. Maybe that’s why I have such an awful Instagram wall but then who cares if u are getting straight A’s .


Well third stage is the one thing that really makes you regret having such a long summer vacations. No school, means you won’t be able to see your friends daily. You won’t be able to gossip about others and trust me no matter how annoying of a friends you have but summer holidays do make you miss being around them( PS. A message to my friends; please don’t kill me I was not referring to you when I said the annoying wala part.  All of you guys are a blessing to be around with). But like every student I wish that I could have a school life without exams, tests and early morning wake up calls. I mean that will be soo cool wouldn’t it be.

Anyhow, summer vacations have become such a boring affair for me to such an extent that now i have become that person who randomly sends memes to almost every single person i know on Facebook and now i fear that most of my friends might block me because of it. So thats where my life is pretty much at.

How did your summer holidays go, tell me in the comment section below 😊


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